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Battery Voltage Protector Waterproof 60 Amps
The Battery Voltage Protector Waterproof BGW-60 is an intelligent, user programmable, fully waterproof battery guard. The Battery Voltage Protector prevents excessive discharge of the battery (which would damage the battery) and protects electronic appliances against overvoltage. The BGW automatically detects the battery voltage (12 or 24V). The The Battery Voltage Protector is capable of carrying 60A continuous load and 65A transient load. There is a choice out of 10 on/off threshold voltage programs, for both 12V and 24V battery systems, which can be easily programmed. The BGW-60 has additional options for a remote off switch and an alarm output for connecting a buzzer, LED strip or relay. With its new rubberized polyurethane construction and low profile design, the Battery Voltage Protector can be easily mounted inany location. Available in 40A, 60A or 200 amp models.