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SW16DELC Water Heater Gas/Electric, Direct Spark Ignition 16 Gallon
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The 16 gallon water heater provides the end user more domestic hot water and allows the OEM an ideal way to differentiate their product from the competition. The 16 gallon water heater provides an extra capacity of hot water for longer showers and washer/dryer units. The 16 gallon models also offer the aftermarket an opportunity to replace 10 or 12 gallon models with a higher tank capacity unit. The new 16 gallon unit utilizes the same sidewall cut-out opening as the current 10 or 12 gallon water heaters and is only 6-1/2" deeper than the 10 gallon unit and 4-3/4" deeper than the 12 gallon unit. This allows for a lot more hot water for just a few more inches of depth.