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Lippert Components
$ 267.95
On-The-Go Ladder, 14.5 Ft.
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id your RV come equipped with the Lippert On-The-Go Ladder Receiver? Now you can complete your rig's setup with our On-the-Go Ladder! This telescoping RV ladder gives RV owners the ability to get up and down their trailer with enhanced stability and ease. Unlike other ladders on the market, our telescoping ladder extends at an angle, making it more like climbing stairs than scaling a vertical wall. The On-the-Go Ladder comes equipped with permanent mounting brackets that easily attach to the On-The-Go Ladder Receiver installed on the back of your rig. This allows you to secure your ladder to your RV and then simply extend it to the height you need to safely climb to the top. Plus, the segmented locks on each step help ensure a secure climb that's fit just for your RV. Weighing under 25 lbs., the On-the-Go Ladder retracts to 33.5" - making it easy to carry, transport and store when not in use. And with a 12' 6" extension height and 330 lb. capacity, this ladder gives you more stability and confidence when climbing up to the top of your RV. The On-the-Go telescoping ladder comes with a Velcro strap to secure it when carrying or transporting your ladder; molded, rubber feet for added grip on various surfaces; and grooved, 1.5" deep foot rungs for increased traction while climbing. Please note, this ladder is only compatible with RVs equipped with the Lippert receiver.