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$ 798.67
4,800W RV Inverter Portable Generator
The eZV4800 is the no nonsense, reliable portable workhorse that's ready to deliver medical grade pure sine wave power with no unnecessary frills. It''s the ultimate inverter generator for the homeowner or professional who wants maximum power at a cost effective price compared to other inverter generators. This open frame design with contractor inspired features packs a huge 223cc engine in a compact and portable 78lb frame. Equipped with GCFI 20A receptacles, it's ready for any construction site. Activate EcoMode and save money on fuel without sacrificing power with class leading inverter technology, including Smart Device Protection. Producing a continuous 3,600 watts of clean power, the eZV4800 power any type of electronic device including laptops, smartphones, variable speed power tools, sensitive sensor equipment and modern home appliances with microprocessors. All Energizer generator products are baked by a 3 year limited warranty.